Minced meat products

Mince meat products under the brand “Elenko” are with unique quality, taste and flavor, made by home recipes from the past, prepared from pork, beef and game meat. Special part of this product range are the products from wild game meat: meatball (burger) and sausages made with meat from red deer, a combination which creates a unique taste and great feeling.

Product range:

Minced meat - pork / beef
Minced meat - “Stara Planina”
Meatball (burger) - 50 g, 60 g, 70 g, 80 g
Meatball - “Stara Planina”
Meatball (burger) in a veil - 80 g.
Meatroll - 70 g.
Meatroll - “Stara Planina”
Sausage - “Stara Planina”
Chopped meat sausage
Petrohanski Sausage
Karnache Sausage
Sudjuk for barbecue
Meatball (burger) with Red Deer meat